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S02-E24 | Road Safety Advocacy and Youth Empowerment with Yasmine Al Moghrabi

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Ever wondered about the link among road safety, sustainable mobility and youth? Or why road safety is a feminist cause? Join us in this inspiring episode as we uncover the powerful story of Yasmine Al Moghrabi and her unwavering dedication to making our roads safer. In a world where road safety is a growing concern, Yasmine's passion as a youth leader and activist takes center stage. Discover her advocacy for empowering young people and its importance in building safer cities. Get ready for an eye-opening conversation that will leave you motivated to play an active role in creating a safer future for everyone!

This episode is part of a series of interviews with some of the Remarkable Feminist Voices in Transport 2023, who were awarded by TUMI’s Women Mobilize Women initiative. Tune in!

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Our TUMI Partners ADB, BMZ, C40 Cities, CAF, GIZ, ICLEI, ITDP, KfW, SLOCAT, UN-Habitat, WRI

Our Guest Yasmine Al Moghrabi Linkedin, Instagram , Twitter

Our moderators Julia Remmers and Valeria Felix.

Lena Plikat for the podcast recording

Max Bleß from audioBoutique for the sounddesign

Sebastian Hofer from freifahrt for the concept and production support



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