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S02-E28 | Empowering Equality: The Role of E-Mobility in Fostering Gender Inclusivity and Equity

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In today's podcast episode, we delve into the dynamic realm of e-mobility and its potential to unlock new opportunities for greater gender equity and inclusivity. Join us as we explore the transformative impact of electric mobility on the public transport sector and discuss how it plays a crucial role in promoting equal access to transportation.

S02-E27 | Mobility Justice for All with Lucas Snaije

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Urban transport planning can be gender-friendly and inclusive – Lucas Snaije from BYCS, an Amsterdam-based NGO for promoting cycling in cities, will show us different initiatives where people’s needs take center stage. This is an insightful and enriching episode covering different perspectives of transport users, mainly from vulnerable groups, and their challenges in daily mobility.

S02-E26 | Walkability with Jorge Cáñez

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In this episode, recorded at the Walk21 conference, we sat down with Jorge Cáñez, who is part of the Kounkuey Design Initiative. KDI is a nonprofit that combines community development and design to create equitable urban spaces that meet social, economic, and environmental needs. Currently, KDI is working on the Gender Equity Action Plan for Los Angeles, USA. This transformative initiative was sparked by the "Changing Lanes" report of 2021, which shed light on the transit system's deficiencies in serving women and gender minorities. We explore the intricacies of sustainability, walking conditions, road safety, and gender equity, including challenges like inaccessible bus stops and lighting concerns. Moreover, we discuss innovative strategies aimed at closing these gaps. Join us on this enlightening journey as we work towards a more equitable, sustainable, and pedestrian-friendly cities.

S02-E25 | Feminist transport policy with Laura Ballesteros

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Join us in exploring transport policy from the perspective of women in Latin America by listening to this amazing podcast episode featuring Laura Ballesteros Mancilla. She is the co-founder of Mujeres en Movimiento – Women in Motion, a network that connects advocates of gender-sensitive mobility across various sectors in Latin America.
Together with Laura, we discuss the violence and underrepresentation faced by women in transport, whether they are commuting or at the decision-making table. Laura's message to all women is that they are not alone and to remember that any resistance they face reflects the importance of the change they seek to realize. 

Last but not least, Laura reflects on the journey of Women in Motion and Women Mobilize Women alongside each other since their foundation in 2018 and finds: We've come a long way!
This episode is part of a series of interviews with some of the Remarkable Feminist Voices in Transport 2023, who were awarded by TUMI’s Women Mobilize Women initiative. Tune in!

S02-E24 | Road Safety Advocacy and Youth Empowerment with Yasmine Al Moghrabi

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Ever wondered about the link among road safety, sustainable mobility and youth? Or why road safety is a feminist cause? Join us in this inspiring episode as we uncover the powerful story of Yasmine Al Moghrabi and her unwavering dedication to making our roads safer. In a world where road safety is a growing concern, Yasmine's passion as a youth leader and activist takes center stage. Discover her advocacy for empowering young people and its importance in building safer cities. Get ready for an eye-opening conversation that will leave you motivated to play an active role in creating a safer future for everyone!

This episode is part of a series of interviews with some of the Remarkable Feminist Voices in Transport 2023, who were awarded by TUMI’s Women Mobilize Women initiative. Tune in!

S02-E23 | Elevating Mobility of Care in Transport Planning with Aimée Gauthier

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Have you ever wondered about the hidden trips that underpin the care work essential to our daily lives? Inés Sánchez de Madariaga coined the concept mobility of care, shining light on the daily travel patterns and mobility needs that go along with reproductive labor.

In this thought-provoking episode, we discuss the need to elevate the mobility of care in transport planning. Joined by esteemed expert Aimée Gauthier, the Chief Knowledge Officer at the Institute for Transportation and Development Policy (ITDP), we explore the significance of acknowledging and prioritizing these often unvalued and unrecognized care trips. From addressing gender disparities in transportation to fostering inclusive communities, we uncover the essential elements for a more compassionate and equitable transport system.

S02-E22 | Unveiling the Transformative Power of Cycling in Nairobi with Cyprine Odada Mitchell

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Are you ready to uncover the transformative power of cycling in Nairobi? In a city where cycling is often associated with either poverty or an elitist sport, the Critical Mass movement is challenging these perceptions. In this inspiring episode our special guest Cyprine Odada, the Executive Director of Critical Mass Nairobi, shares her personal journey within the movement and her ambitious goal of transforming Nairobi into a cycling city, bringing happiness and smiles back to people's faces. Discover how Critical Mass empowers cyclists, fosters safe corridors, and breaks cultural barriers for women, making a remarkable impact in the city. This episode is part of a series of interviews with some of the Remarkable Feminist Voices in Transport 2023, who were awarded by TUMI’s Women Mobilize Women initiative. Tune in!

S02-E21 | The right to free movement with Robin Chase

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Imagine: Sustainable mobility that lets people move autonomously at all ages and income levels! Our special guest Robin Chase paints a clear vision and says when people try and see for themselves, they’ll love it! We speak about overcoming resistance against new solutions, the responsible use of data, and why electric private vehicles won’t save us from the climate crisis. The co-founder of Zipcar and founder of NUMO discusses why it’s imperative to actively invite different perspectives to change one’s mindset. Her role models are young professionals advancing transport systems in a new way. This is the first episode of a series of interviews with some of the Remarkable Feminist Voices in Transport 2023, who were awarded by TUMI’s Women Mobilize Women initiative. Tune in!

S02-E20 | A Feminist View on Ukraine's Mobility Landscape with Olesia Kholopik

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In this episode, we are meeting Olesia Kholopik, the Director of the Centre for Democracy and Rule of Law in Ukraine. We discuss the challenges for road safety in Ukraine, the role of civil society in the transport sector, and how the full-scale war of Russia against Ukraine affects the work of the sustainable transport community. Despite the ongoing attacks against her country, Olesia has remained committed to protecting human lives in many ways – including the engagement for safer roads. Join us to hear about her impressive work as an advocate for human rights in mobility and the lessons she has learned along the way. This episode is part of WomenMobilizeWomen's campaign on "Remarkable Feminist Voices in Transport".

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