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S02-E19 | Feminist Perspectives on Biking and Commuting with Keisha Mayuga

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Join us as we meet Keisha Mayuga, a remarkable feminist voice in the field of transportation. Keisha is a cycling activist and researcher, who has worked both in the Philippines and in Germany. Her work focuses on creating transport systems that are inclusive, accessible, and safe for all individuals, regardless of their gender identity. In this episode, we explore what a feminist transport system looks like and the challenges women face in mobility and transportation around the world. We also discuss ways in which we can create a more equitable society through policy and advocacy work.

S02-E18 | Improving informal transport in eastern Africa with Tom Courtright

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Many people worldwide rely on public transport, whether it is a government-regulated or an informal, less fixed system. Informal transport represents up to 90% of the transport supply in many African cities. What approaches are needed to drive the improvement of this sector for actors involved and for the environment to reduce the emissions caused by that system?
Together with Tom Courtright, the research director at the Association for Electric Mobility & Development in Africa and the Co-founder of Lubyanza, a research group in Kampala focusing on boda bodas, we examine transportation in eastern Africa. Tom gives us exciting insights into his research to learn about different kinds of vehicles, policies behind the system, responsibilities of different stakeholders involved and approaches to move electrification forward in these countries!

S02-E17 | The future of trolley bus systems with Adrian Kobayashi

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How does the future for the world’s almost 300 electric trolley bus networks look like? In fact, many systems feature outdated vehicles and low service standards due to decade-long under investment and neglect. Do existing grid infrastructures support a quicker electrification by modern vehicle technology? Or are cities with trolley bus systems limited by a technology lock-in? Together with Adrian Kobayashi, director of planning at Solingen’s municipal transport operator, we’ll investigate the case of a city which not only decided to maintain its trolley bus systems but is making it fit for the future.

S02-E16 | Talking Inclusive Mobility with Crystal Asige and Neil Taylor

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Crystal Asige leader the Ability Programme in Kenya seeks to create awareness around the intersectionalities of being a young, black-African woman and entrepreneur with an invisible disability living in the global South. Neil Taylor director of Integrated Transport advocates for focusing transport planning efforts on developing a better range of transport options, namely making them accessible to all cohorts in society. In this episode Crystal and Neil give us their insights about their work towards more accessible and inclusive transport systems.

S02-E13 | Improving urban logistics on two wheels with Jérôme Lühr

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We all enjoy getting our online orders quickly delivered right to our doorsteps. However, most of us do not question the negative side effects of it. Deliveries made by motorized transport, contribute to traffic jams, air pollution, and reduced road safety. Couriers are often only hired for the short-term or on demand, therefore not receiving fair compensation or a long-term job perspective. Our guest, Jérôme Lühr, founding member of the bike courier collective CROW Cycle Berlin, shares his critical view on the gig economy and insights into setting up an independent bike courier service.

S02-E12 | Innovative payment systems for e-mobility with Elena Kornettka

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GLS Mobilität – or GLS Mobility – is part of the GLS Bank, the first sustainable bank in Germany. As part of the GLS Community, GLS Mobilität acts as an initiator and enabler of future-oriented mobility solutions. In this episode, Elena Kornettka, Political Communication Officer at GLS Mobilität, will give us insights on the specific fields of action of GLS Mobilität, such as their approach to contactless payment at charging stations, Giro-e.

S02-E11 | Overcoming Transport Poverty with Dr. Giulio Mattioli

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Dr. Giulio Mattioli conducts research at the Department of Transport Planning at the Technische Universität Dortmund in Germany as the project leader of "Advancing knowledge of long-distance travel: uncovering its connections to mobility biography, migration, and daily travel", funded by Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft. Giulio holds a PhD in Urban and Local European Studies from the University of Milan-Bicocca and has published numerous journal articles.

S02-E10 | Promoting cycling in urban mobility with Jill Warren

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What role does ‘cycling’ play in the urban mobility system and what can be done to promote this sustainable practice? Our guest, Jill Warren, CEO of the European Cyclists’ Federation gives us interesting insights on promoting this sustainable transport. She shares her experience in advocating for cycling as an active and climate-friendly mode. Listen to our latest podcast episode about her work and recommendations to accelerate this sustainable practice.

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